The Different Breeds of Horses and What They’re Used For

Don’t let horse breeds intimidate you- they’re easier to figure out than you may think! Horses are categorized into three main types, known as the cold blood, which include the following breeds of horses: the Arabian, Thoroughbred, and American Quarter Horse. These are generally high-strung horses that need lots of exercise and care to maintain their health, happiness, and overall well-being.


Arabian horses are known for their intelligence, endurance, and spirit. In the 18th century, Arabian horses were brought to England by the king’s ambassador. Today, they’re among the most famous horse breeds in the world. A long neck signifies that an Arabian has a lot of Thoroughbred blood.

Draft Horses

These horses have plenty of strength for the task at hand and a strong back capable enough to pull large carts. The draft horse can be best used on many farms, pulling heavy loads or providing traction during icy weather conditions. They are also often used in horse-drawn carriages because of their impressive size and strength. One of the giant breeds today is the Percheron, which can grow up to 27 hands high. Other notable breeds include Clydesdales and Belgians, with heights exceeding 25 hands.

Paints and Appaloosas

Paints are a breed that can be found in many different colors. These horses are often used for ranch work, endurance riding, or as a 4-H club project. On the other hand, Appaloosas can only be found in one color: pinto. They are most often used for ranch work but also make great show horses due to their flashy appearance.


Another use for ponies is farming, where they usually do small jobs like plowing or harvesting hay. They can also be used to pull carts for children at petting zoos. 

Some people might think ponies should be considered pets because they’re smaller than horses, but most would disagree.


The critical characteristic of this breed is its speed. Because the Thoroughbreds have this natural advantage over other species, their popularity has declined recently because more people want to bet on slower horses. This doesn’t mean that there’s anything wrong with them. They have been used less since there are so many other breeds.

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