Signs of pregnancy in cats with video and photos

Signs of pregnancy in cats vary and appear starting from the tenth day, and you need some experience to notice them, so we will explain these signs to you in detail.

Do you want to know how long cats are pregnant?

The duration of gestation in cats ranges from 61 to 70 days in all cats, whether the pregnancy is in Shirazi cats, Siamese cats, or any other type.

Signs of pregnancy in cats vary throughout the nine weeks of pregnancy. As we show you in the infographic below

How do I know that my cat is pregnant? Signs of pregnancy in cats vary depending on how long the pregnancy occurred. Therefore, we detail the signs and symptoms of pregnancy in cats.

Of course, there are different behaviors of the pregnant cat at each stage of pregnancy, as well as the symptoms of pregnancy in cats, which we explain to you.

How do I know my cat is pregnant in any month?

As you saw in the previous table, the signs of cat pregnancy differ from one stage to another in the cat pregnancy period, so we will divide the pregnancy into different stages and weeks, and each step of the cat pregnancy is characterized by some symptoms and signs that we will explain in detail.

How do I know that my cat is pregnant from the first week?

You will not be able to accurately know whether your cat is pregnant from the first week, but we will mention these signs that experts only notice.

But even if you did not know that your cat was pregnant from the first week, you will notice after that the signs of cat pregnancy appear.

Signs of pregnancy in kittens in the first week

After mating cats and completing the mating process, you will not notice an apparent change from the first day. But with time, the most critical cat pregnancy signs will appear in the first week: the cessation of the howling of cats or the termination of mating requests.

In the first week of your cat’s pregnancy or upon reaching the tenth day of the cat’s pregnancy, the cat will stop howling and licking at surrounding objects.

Cats’ stopping asking for marriage are the most critical signs of pregnancy in cats that characterize the first week or weeks of pregnancy.

Follow with us the rest of the stages of cat pregnancy if you are not sure yet that your cat is pregnant.

Signs of kitten pregnancy in the third week

Approximately 20 days after the cat’s pregnancy, or in the middle of the third week, the second most common symptom of cat pregnancy begins to appear, which is the nipples starting to swell and acquire a distinctive pink color.

The nipples of the pregnant cat swell due to the start of its preparation for feeding the kittens, so you will notice the emergence and prominence of the nipples strongly.

The veterinarian can also determine pregnancy in the third week of the cat’s pregnancy by touching the abdomen or doing sonar on the cat’s stomach.

Never touch your cat’s stomach, as this may lead to the unintentional death of fetuses, as they are susceptible.

In the fifth stage of pregnancy in cats, flatulence increases significantly.

Cat pregnancy stages in the fourth and fifth week

When the cat pregnancy period reaches the middle of the fourth week, signs of lethargy, loss of appetite, and sometimes vomiting appear. The symptoms last for a few days and are considered symptoms of cat pregnancy if it does not develop and stop on their own.

After these symptoms, you will notice an increase in the pregnant cat’s appetite for food. At that time, the cat’s meals must gradually increase by 50%.

As the cat’s personality changes and it becomes hushed, it may be more affectionate and affectionate towards you. And you may increase sleep duration and notice that the cat sleeps more during the day than usual.

After that, upon reaching the fifth week, the symptoms of cat pregnancy characteristic of this period are an apparent increase in the size of the abdomen and the milk glands swelling significantly.

Signs of cat pregnancy: The seventh week… One month and three weeks after your cat’s pregnancy

In the seventh week of pregnancy in cats, the amount of food will increase significantly. Nutrients and nutritional supplements must be added to the cat’s food based on the veterinarian’s advice.

During this period, you will substantially notice the cat’s calmness, the heavy movement on it, as you will see when it sits, and its belly protrudes, the movement of small cats inside the abdomen with the naked eye.

Do not try to touch your cat’s belly, as this may unintentionally lead to the death of kittens.

The last stages of the cat’s pregnancy (after about two months or 55 days)

Upon reaching the end of the cat’s pregnancy, specifically in the last ten days before giving birth, the cat begins to search for a place to give birth. You will notice that the cat is confused and worried, as it always appears confused and concerned about strangers.

It would help if you prepared the place for the cat’s birth. Prepare a wide box and cover it with some blankets or fabrics, and place the front of the TV against the wall or in a place entirely out of sight so that the cat feels safe in it.

The last hours of a cat’s pregnancy before giving birth

  • 24-48 hours before giving birth, the cat may stop eating and show more upset and anxious signs.
  • The kitten will try to find a safe place to give birth. She may go to the site you prepared for her and start giving birth. Or she may go to your bed or follow you everywhere in the house if she trusts you enough because she feels fear and pain and wants you to help her.
  • The duration of pregnancy in cats is, on average, 63-70 days. Therefore, expect childbirth during this period.
  • The cat will begin to secrete a liquid and then start to give birth to kittens. You will notice that the cat is cutting the fetal sac and cleaning the kittens one by one to help him breathe.
  • The veterinarian should be contacted immediately if the pregnancy period exceeds 70 days.

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