Is there any harm in raising dogs at home with children?

Most families worldwide are accustomed to raising pets at home, especially dogs, a wonderful symbol of loyalty and sincerity. Every family is keen to raise dogs that young children love and are a source of happiness and safety for all family members. Still, mothers may have some anxiety A lot of times about the extent of the effect of raising dogs at home on young children, especially infants, as children are constantly exposed to exposure to these dogs and sit with them and come into contact with them most of the time, so we will learn together in this article about the harms of raising dogs at home and their impact on children Toddlers and babies.

Diseases and infections

The damage of raising dogs at home with children is concentrated in diseases and infections. Many conditions may be easily transmitted from dogs to infants, where friction occurs between dogs and infants who continue to put their fingers in their mouths automatically after touching dogs directly, which leads to the easy transmission of infection. It is complete, as serious diseases such as blindness, convulsions, pneumonia, and other conditions are transmitted from touching dogs that hide among their skins many invisible worms, viruses, and bacteria. Dogs may also cause brain diseases. God forbid, so doctors advise keeping dogs entirely away from a place The presence of infants to protect them from serious illnesses that may affect them.


Pets, especially dogs, usually spread a range of allergens to infants less than a few months old, causing allergies to children, as they are more exposed to all kinds of allergies, especially those caused by all sorts of pets.

Being bitten

Suppose a domestic pet dog has bitten your infant. In that case, you should rush to go to the doctor immediately to avoid contracting the most common rabies, as this disease is one of the diseases that have no treatment and lead to death, so it is always advised to avoid placing infants next to dogs and go directly to the hospital in If a dog bites infants. To prevent this, you must pay attention to your children and constantly monitor them from time to time to check on them and ensure that the dog is not next to them.

Parasites and bacteria from the damage of breeding dogs at home with children

Dog skins pick up bacteria quickly and are usually a repository for fleas and tiny insects that are not seen with the naked eye. These insects and fleas are transmitted to children as soon as dogs touch them, causing allergies and diseases. The child becomes crying a lot and has many health problems, so you should be careful. A mother should clean the dogs well so as not to spread bacteria and insects at home while taking care to keep dogs away from infants, especially in the first months of life.

As we have seen, there are many diseases that infants may be exposed to as a result of the presence of a pet dog in the home. Many mothers ignore this point and allow dogs to mix with young children, only to complain after that they are exposed to severe diseases that we do not need, so veterinarians advise mothers to keep Dogs should be away from children as much as possible, especially in the early stages of life, with the need to wash the hands of infants constantly and not allow the dog to eat food or sit with the family in public places, with the need to monitor children well, clean dogs and use pesticides safe for humans to eliminate insects and bacteria carried by dogs It is always invisible to humans.

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