How to raise and take care of horses

Many people dream of having their horses but wonder how to raise and care for them.

In the following on the site of the concept, we will learn about the method of breeding horses, from food, clothing, drink, where he sits, and everything to make it easier for individuals to make decisions.

The relationship between horses and humans

  • The relationship between horses and humans is strong and distinctive.
  • Horses are one of the best ancient means of transportation for goods and passengers.
  • It was used to plow fields.
  • She participated with the knights in many adventures and wars, in addition to equestrian sports.
  • With the passage of time and the decline of the role of horses due to the development of means of transportation and communication.
  • Horseback riding became restricted to the wealthy, cowboys, and others whose businesses required the use of horses.

horse breeding

  • Horses are animals that need care and attention.
  • The greater the care, the stronger the horse, its beauty, its attachment to its rider, and its loyalty.
  • Breeding horses includes caring for their housing, food, drink, hygiene, health, and training.
  • Horse breeders must know how to raise horses from all aspects and ensure they are not subjected to harsh living or training conditions.
  • This is so that this does not affect her behavior, as this can lead to her rebellion and stubbornness and affect her strength and health.
  • One of the aspects that must be known and included in knowing how to raise horses is housing; Horses need shelter from climatic changes such as wind, rain, and solar heat, away from moisture.
  • And you need to go out in the open air, run in fields and pastures, and train in wide and open spaces. Because the horse is a social animal that loves to live in a herd, its behavior, health, and development are positively affected by the presence of other horses living with it.

horse stables

Horse stables The dwelling of horses is called a barn or stable.

  • It must have certain conditions suitable for horses, such as good ventilation, and not be damp to avoid the horse’s exposure to respiratory problems.
  • The stables have places to store feed and equipment, places for medical examinations, and for grooming horses.
  • The standard dimensions of the stall for each horse inside the stable vary from 10 * 12 to 14 * 14.
  • It depends on the horse’s type, breed, age, and special requirements.

Example: horses used for traction need more space, stalls usually contain a layer of absorbent beds such as straw or wood shavings, and need daily cleaning, as the horse produces daily about 6.8 pounds of organic manure and several gallons of urine, and there are health risks to the horse if He had to stand all day among his trash

How to raise a horse

Many things must be provided correctly to provide good care for the horse or horse if you want to raise it, including the following:


There are many important matters related to horse housing, as follows :


  • The desire to build a new barn as a home for the horse needs to be checked by the regulations that allow one to implement it.
  • These laws differ according to the place’s location within a populated area or whether it is within a rural area.
  • It is recommended to raise the horse barn floor at least thirty centimeters from the ground to ensure good drainage of water through it.
  • This is very important for the health of the horse.
  • Moisture on the barn floor from being flooded with water can damage the horse’s hooves.

Outer Shelter

  • Commercial outdoor covers available in the market can be purchased or made of metal or wood.
  • The side outer covers of the barn are placed on three sides; To protect the horses from the wind, the height of this shelter should be noted.

It should be about two and a half to three meters, with a space of ten square meters for each horse, in addition to ensuring enough space for the horse to feed.

horse feeding

This is very important as horses must be fed useful food for their health to be strong.


  • Horse feeding is an important aspect of their breeding.
  • Horses have only one compartment, which does not enable them to break down food through bacterial digestion like other ruminant livestock.
  • Whose stomach contains four chambers – like goats and sheep, where the horse’s food goes directly to what is known as the small stomach through the small intestine.
  • Therefore, horses lack muscle in their stomachs.
  • Which causes her to lose the ability to vomit if she eats some fermented foods, such as stored feed.
  • It is recommended to provide feed, vitamins, minerals, and grains to maintain a balanced diet for the horse.
  • Feed is the main food source for horses that can meet most of their diet needs.
  • The source of this fodder can be natural pastures with grasses, legumes, or hay, which should be well preserved.
  • So that it is not exposed to damage and rot.
  • Adult horses weighing more than 450 kilograms need about four and a half to seven kilograms of hay per day.


  • Horses need to drink plenty of water every day.
  • These quantities range from 38 to 45 liters of water for horses that weigh approximately 450 kilograms.
  • And with such large quantities of water that the horse needs.
  • Water containing some light mineral salts must be clean and not polluted.
  • Be regularly available for horses.
  • A lack of drinking water causes more problems for horses than food for them.

Horse grooming

  • To raise a good horse, you must concern about the cleanliness of the horse, so how to raise and care for horses and keep up to date with everything new in this topic.
  • The horse must be kept clean.
  • Take care of his appearance; Taking care of the cleanliness of the horse is very important to ensure good health and a beautiful appearance.
  • It is one thing that helps strengthen the relationship between the breeder and his horse.
  • One of the aspects of horse care is trimming its hooves, periodic examination of its teeth, and detecting the presence of worms in the horse’s digestive system.

This is done by:

  • Remove dirt stuck to it.
  • Comb it.
  • massage it
  • Taking him to the shower using the appropriate place and tools, such as the comb to comb the horse’s mane, the rubber brush, and the soft brush, which are used to remove the stuck dirt.
  • In addition to a hair straightening brush and a hair clipper.
  • It is necessary to clean the horse’s hooves.

One of the things that must be considered in raising horses is to ensure that they are provided with the necessary regular medical vaccinations. The veterinarian carries out medical examinations to maintain the horse’s health. All horses must take the tetanus vaccine, equine influenza, and other necessary vaccinations according to the region and the prevalent diseases.

These things increase the horse’s beauty and fitness and strengthen the bond between the horse and its rider. The horses understood what those animals were feeling, And that is by paying attention to some of the signals that emanate from it that may indicate a specific meaning.

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